Stargate Shows 2022 - Sunday

Do not miss out when you can watch our world reknown Stargate Shows LIVE at Berlin Salsacongress 2022! But we even go a step futher and you are now able to VOTE ONLINE for your favorite team while watching those shows! Simply follow the link, make an account (takes 1 minute), and start VOTING. Through the online voting we will select an ADDITIONAL Stargate Winner 2022 and it is in your hands, which team this is going to be! Berlin Salsacongress is proud to be part of our Salsa Community for more than 20 years now. In all those years we were able to set standards in many ways and to shape the future of our community. We were hosting an incredible amount of talent in all those years since 2001, many of them quite unknown to the younger members of our worldwide community. Check out what we are planning for this year, for Berlin Salsacongress 2022 - Reunite! Edition: Join our Berlin Salsacongress WHATSAPP ONE FAMILY GROUP. The members of the group have access to the best deals and promotions as first. #berlinsalsacongress #MakingTheDifference #OneFamily