Learn a Latin dance in Zurich! - Bachata / 26 de mayo de 2023 / Studio OneSpace, 8001 Zürich | latino.eu

26 de mayo de 2023 18:45

Learn a Latin dance in Zurich! - Bachata

NEW classes starting at DanceZouk! Start something new with us this year 😍 What is Bachata? This dance, which originated in the Dominican Republic, has evolved into several substyles over the past years and become very popular worldwide. Join us and dive into the playfulness and sensuality of Bachata Fusion and Bachata Sensual. Interested? Come and find out more! 🤩 Beginner classes taught by our Instructors Patrick & Chloe. Classes in English and German. Check them out here or find them on instagram as patrickychloe Regular weekly beginner course start dates 2023: 11.01.23 01.03.23 21.04.23 *FRIDAY* <--- NEXT COURSE START 07.06.23 27.09.23 15.11.23 Weekend crashcourses suit you better? Try out our: Bachata bootcamps for beginners on the first weekend of the month: 15-16.04.23 <--- NEXT BOOTCAMP 16-17.09.23 Book your place at the link below – we can’t wait to meet you! Questions? Or already have some knowledge and unsure which level? We have improver and intermediate classes on Fridays. Our teachers will be delighted to meet you and assess your level - WhatsApp Patrick on +41765687309 ✅ Love from, Your DanceZouk Team ❤️ Find us here: https://www.instagram.com/dancezoukch https://www.facebook.com/dancezouk.ch https://dancezouk.ch/ https://dancezouk.ch/events/bachata-beginner…04-to-02-06-2023/