Salsa Bootcamp by Lorenita Andrade / 27 de mayo de 2023 / Tanzlokal, Wettingen |

27 de mayo de 2023 16:30

Salsa Bootcamp by Lorenita Andrade

16.30-17.30 Bodymovement 17.35-18.35 Salsa Fusion 18.40-19.40 Masterclass Don't miss out on a unique opportunity to enhance your dancing skills! We invite you to participate in a specialized bootcamp focused on Salsa and Bodymovement (for any dance Salsa, Bachata,Cuban etc.), led by the renowned Lorenita Andrade. Regardless of your preferred dance style, body movement is crucial for achieving fluidity and expression in your dance. This bootcamp is specifically tailored to teach you the techniques and drills necessary to improve your dance. Lorenita is an accomplished artist and instructor with a wealth of experience, and she will guide you through various exercises and approaches to improve your dancing. The bootcamp spans three hours, and we highly recommend attending all three to maximize the benefits of this unique opportunity. Register now and safe one of our limited spots by sending as a DM or contact us via 076 412 00 39. We can't wait to see you improve.

Precio de entrada: CHF 105.00